Chronic Back Pain

Severe Back Pain Will Most Likely Occur In Your Lifetime

January 2, 2017

Today, low back pain is one of the most significant health problems facing Americans, according to the National Institutes of Health.  With about 80% of us expected to have back pain in our lifetime, it’s the second most common reason for medical visits, just behind the common cold.

Anyone is susceptible to back pain, and it gets even more common as you grow older.  The pain can be caused by many things like degenerated or damaged discs, spinal stenosis, sciatica, facet syndrome, spondylosis, herniated or bulging discs or even failed back surgery.  The degree of pain and duration can vary.  The odds are that you are likely to have a serious episode of back pain for every 15 years of your life, according to medical statistics, serious enough to require medical attention.  It’s the fifth most frequent cause of hospitalization.




back-pain-woman2What is the best option for treating this debilitating pain?

I recommend spinal decompression as an option to avoid back surgery for many patients that come in for consultation and treatment with chronic back pain.  Spinal decompression is a treatment to relieve pain in the lumbar and cervical regions.  Spinal decompression is completely non-invasive, painless, and comfortable for patients.  It has proven to be extremely effective in over 86% of patient cases.  The process is extremely relaxing and is done over a series of weeks depending on the patient’s severity and continued improvement during treatment.  

How does spinal decompression work?

Spinal decompression therapy works by applying traction to slowly and gently stretch the spine and take pressure off compressed discs and vertebrae for the relief of leg pain, back pain and neck pain.  Distraction and relaxation phases are cycled through with the procedure and through proper positioning a spinal disc can be isolated.  A vacuum effect is achieved through this process so that material from a herniated disc can be pulled back inside the disc space, taking pressure off the pinched nerve.  The vacuum effect stimulates blood supply, drawing oxygen, nutrients and fluids into the disc inducing a healing response.  Spinal decompression as a treatment is FDA-certified and clinically proven to effectively relieve lower back pain.

How do I know if spinal decompression is right for me?

If you are suffering with neck pain, low back pain caused by herniated or bulging disc, arthritis or spinal stenosis, sciatica pain down the legs, numbness and tingling sensation down the arms, hands and fingers, then Spinal Decompression might be right for you.  Experts believe that spinal decompression therapy stimulates the body’s ability to heal itself, delivering hope for long term pain relief.  A skilled doctor, combined with the computerized traction head are the keys to the success of spinal decompression.

How long have you been using spinal decompression to treat chronic back pain?

Dr. Tony Aboudib has over 29 years experience in the treatment of chronic pain associated with disc herniation, spinal stenosis and has been using spinal decompression therapy for over 20 years.  He has treated thousands of patients and his postgraduate studies have led him to be called as an “Expert Witness” in court hearings.

Is spinal decompression expensive or covered by insurance?

Most insurance covers spinal decompression but it depends on your individual policy.  When you come in for your complimentary evaluation we will contact your insurance to verify what is covered and any additional costs to you.

How do I setup an appointment or evaluation?

To set up an appointment it is best to call the office at 231-421-5213 and we will work to find a convenient time for you to come in for a complimentary  evaluation.

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