Treatment for lower back and leg pain

November 18, 2014

Once we determine what is creating the problem, through a comprehensive exam, we can treat the cause of the pain. Spinal decompression and spinal manipulation are common treatments for lower back pain and leg pain. Physical conditioning and cold laser will also help to increase healing and decrease inflammation. Proper alignment of your body’s musculoskeletal structure is key to reducing pain; paying particular attention to the spine allows the body to heal itself.

Many times, lower back pain and leg pain are the result of a mechanical malfunction in the body — misalignment, tightness, movement is wrong. Restoring function to joints and realignment are highly successful for pain relief and a much wiser solution than covering up the pain with drugs.

Manipulation restores mobility, even if the tissue wasn’t damaged by injury. If your lower back is sore simply by sitting without proper support, we can help.

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