Pain Reduction Can Be Achieved Through The Use of Electromagnetic Fields

April 29, 2015

When we experience pain it is a signal from the nervous system that something is not functioning the way it should be in our body. Suffering from chronic pain is a different case. The first step is to identify the source of pain. The nervous system in our body is made up of millions of nerve cells. These nerve cells can sense everything from an itch to a burning pain. The tiny nerve fibers present within our skin, blood vessels and muscles transmit pain. Chronic pain needs to be treated instead of being neglected.

Research studies have demonstrated that magnetic fields have the potential to reduce the sensation detected by the nerve cells and eventually ward off pain. The damaged nerve cell can repair itself when influenced by magnetic fields. Magnetic fields can target pain in specific areas, whether it is local or in any organ of the body. Use of magnetic fields to treat pain helps to reduce the amount of medications taken.

The magnetic fields offer several benefits to the body during the treatment process.

– Reduce muscle tension

– Reduce swelling associated with pain

– Stimulate the immune system

– Improve circulation

– Improve the cell function

– Detoxify the body

– Improve sleep

– Reduce stress

– Reduce inflammation

– Regenerate tissue within the body

– Helps flush out excess chemicals from treatment area

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This post was written by Advanced Chiropractic and Wellness