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Is there a relationship between food allergies and Fibromyalgia?

September 7, 2010

Article by: US Health Care News

Every time there is a power condition that impacts 6 million Americans there is loads of talk about what causes the situation. One concept is that food allergy symptoms cause fibromyalgia. Researchers, scientists as well as medical professionals are still attempting to identify the precise causes of fibromyalgia and a few researchers do imagine that there are a number of valid factors to the theory that it may be caused or at the very least contributed to food allergies; particularly relating to delayed pattern food allergy and non-particular pain syndromes such as fibromyalgia.

Triggers are often discussed in the case of flares in circumstances akin to fibromyalgia where one day symptoms are gentle and the subsequent they’re acute. What brings about the distinction in intensity of signs or symptoms from one day to the following? One rationalization can be food sensitivities to staple food ingredients akin to eggs, coffee, meat, milk and wheat.

One proven fact that seems to assist the food allergic reactions concept is that apparently enough the one first symptom described by those that have yet to be identified with fibromyalgia and that comes out after the diagnosis is that they first became conscious of something being amiss after they observed digestive system problems. This could suggest a relationship between food sensitivities or food allergic reactions and fibromyalgia.

There are nonetheless a distinct set of signs which are also known to be linked to food allergy symptoms that aren’t linked in any way to the digestive system and they include aches, confusion, irritability, food poisoning symptoms, drowsiness, and lack of motivation or vitality and likewise complications, skin rashes, depression or psychological fogginess, joint and muscle pains and weight fluctuations. These signs usually tend to be associated with immune mechanisms then they might be with a food delay pattern allergy. See causes of fibromyalgiafor more information.

As a result of there are such a lot of completely different symptoms associated with fibromyalgia there may be different manifestations of food allergic reactions with totally different clinical circumstances for example those with fibromyalgia often endure associated circumstances equivalent to asthma, and irritable bowel syndrome both of which will be manifested by food allergies.

Researchers have identified the next symptoms suffered by those who have been identified as having fibromyalgia which are and have been related to food allergies including:

* Stomach ache (irritable bowel syndrome)
* Bladder issues
* Cold intolerance
* Dry Eyes and mouth
* Numbness or stinging in fingers or feet
* Stressed legs syndrome
* Secondary to growth hormone deficiency or to psychological problems

Researchers have additionally made a relationship to immune system mechanisms which can be ordinary to both food allergies and fibromyalgia symptoms akin to irregular or improper entry of food molecules into the bloodstream, the initiation of certain immune cells and immune complexes and likewise the discharge of chemical substances which can be lively immune cells. This happens as a result of the human physique’s immune system is set to acknowledge foods which might be poisonous and could also be harmful to the body.

So there you’ve gotten the arguments for and towards food allergies causing fibromyalgia. You may see why causes of fibromyalgia has not been determined yet. There are various elements involved with so many various signs be attributed to fibromyalgia

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