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June 6, 2011






By Brooks Vanderbush

Nothing can kill the pleasure of a good game with the guys or a romantic interlude with a companion quite as fast as that common male complaint: lower back pain. It’s insidious, affecting even the ability to sit in a chair and read, or to lie down on a bed and sleep.

Dr. Tony Aboudib of Advanced Chiropractic and Wellness in Traverse City has been practicing his art for 22 years and offers a different kind of treatment for back pain caused by spinal disc injuries, specifically, herniated discs. These injuries have traditionally been remedied by surgery, but invasive procedures can sometimes result in a loss of functioning and permanent growth of harmful scar tissue. Though surgery and pill-based therapies have an important place in the treatment scheme, Dr. Aboudib said that they are akin to putting a band aid on an open wound and should be considered only after options that allow the body to treat itself are exhausted.

“I am open to all ways to treat the lower back,” he explained. “There is room for medication, there is room for surgery. If someone has a 10mm disc herniation, there is no hope; surgery is the only option. But, if you have someone with 4mm or 5mm herniation, there is no reason to get surgery right away, especially if you consider all of the consequences down the line. I think that you need to try the natural way to help your back heal itself.”

Self healing is at the core of Chiropractics. Practitioners assert that if the body is given the correct therapy and opportunity, the healing effects will be more satisfactory and long lasting than the quick relief offered by surgery. To that end, Dr. Aboudib and his associates provide Spinal Decompression Therapy (SDT) as an alternative to surgery and needles. SDT uses a traction-like machine with variable weights and a harness to pull a patient’s neck or back (depending on the complaint) in three-minute intervals.

“It is creating a pull that will stretch and release your spine,” he said. “When you have a herniated or bulged disc, the pulling creates a vacuum that will allow the disc to return to its original shape, thus relieving the pressure on the affected nerve.”

He added that the vacuum effect also stimulates growth of blood supply, which elicits a natural healing response from the body. Spinal Decompression is FDA approved and has been clinically proven — with an 86 percent success rate for herniated or bulged discs — even after failed surgery. Dr. Aboudib said that while most patients see results after three visits, every person reacts differently. Most experience the best results after 20 sessions of 30-40 minutes over six or seven weeks.

The doctor’s answer to the back pain dilemma is a simple one: “People need to take [care] of themselves, first and foremost. Stay fit, exercise, watch how you lift, watch how you twist. Do this and you will prevent a lot of pain. Back pain is nasty. Prevention is the main thing as far as back pain is concerned.”

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