Frozen Shoulders To Rotator Cuff Injuires: Advanced Chiropractic Can Handle Your Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain Causes

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Rotator Cuff Syndrome: Description and Causes

Pain and limited motion can develop if an imbalance or aggravation of the shoulder is not treated. The result can be minor pain or the total inability to use your shoulder. Rotator Cuff Syndrome, or Shoulder Impingement, can happen at any age. It is a muscle condition. The joint between your collarbone and the shoulder blade, the Acromio Clavicular, is central to normal shoulder function.

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Frozen Shoulder: Description and Causes

Frozen Shoulder is the result of ligaments and tendons becoming irritated, causing adhesions that make the shoulder joint nearly immobile. The pain is severe and the limited movement of the shoulder can make it a struggle to even get dressed. Frozen Shoulder can take several years to heal — and may not heal at all without proper attention from a professional. An irritation of the nerve can also be responsible.

  • Pain when lifting your arm
  • Inability to lift your arm
  • Limited range of motion
  • Shooting pain from shoulder to elbow and beyond
  • Weakness or inability to lift things
  • Stiffness
  • Pain that persists beyond a few days
  • Pain that recurs, even if it goes away on its own
  • Swelling or deformity of the shoulder
  • Pain at night or while resting

Shoulder Pain Treatment

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Treatment for General Shoulder Pain

We begin with a thorough examination, as well as an examination of your neck and midback, which often are the source of shoulder pain.

An orthopedic and neurological exam will involve your motor reflexes, muscle strength, nerve distortion and the scope of the pain. Other tests, such as X-rays or MRI, may be ordered to determine if an injury has occurred or whether there is a disk problem. These can show whether there’s disc problems, bone spurs or soft tissue problem. Physical conditioning also is effective to minimize pain recurrence.

The treatment for many shoulder ailments is similar because muscle imbalances respond so well to chiropractic manipulation. We will work to restore proper mobility and correct any misalignment. Exercise, physical conditioning and clinical massage will speed your recovery (which we also offer).

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