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Relax and Let Spinal Decompression Take the Pressure Off

At Advanced Chiropractic and Wellness, Spinal Decompression is a regular everyday routine. Patients walk in and are greeted by Levei at the front desk with a smile and the question of ‘how their day is going’. When taken back to the Spinal Decompression room, patients are able to sit back and watch the most frequently requested channel, HGTV, during their treatment.

From Extreme Pain To Strength

When I first came to see Dr. Tony my knees were in extreme pain, from arthritis and a fall. The pain was affecting my daily routine and making it difficult to walk. The pain was unbearable at times. After several months of decompression, electrotherapy and laser treatments, my knees are feeling so much better. I can now walk better again, get up and down much easier and have gotten more strength in my legs overall. I would definitely refer Dr. Tony to my friends and.... Read More