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Severe Back Pain Will Most Likely Occur In Your Lifetime

Today, low back pain is one of the most significant health problems facing Americans, according to the National Institutes of Health.  With about 80% of us expected to have back pain in our lifetime, it’s the second most common reason for medical visits, just behind the common cold. Anyone is susceptible to back pain, and… View Full Article

Finally Getting Relief From Back Pain

I've been visiting Dr. Tony for over two years. I have herniation and stenosis in my lower back, and with treatment from him, I'm finally getting relief from back pain. I've gone to other Chiropractors over the years, but in Dr. Aboudib's care I've finally found lasting relief that I didn't get from other chiropractor adjustments. I've also had severe Plantar Fasciatis and severe allergy issues, which he was able to alleviate. He's now my "Go To" Chiropractor. I appreciate the fact that he continues.... Read More