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Relax and Let Spinal Decompression Take the Pressure Off

At Advanced Chiropractic and Wellness, Spinal Decompression is a regular everyday routine. Patients walk in and are greeted by Levei at the front desk with a smile and the question of ‘how their day is going’. When taken back to the Spinal Decompression room, patients are able to sit back and watch the most frequently requested channel, HGTV, during their treatment.

Painless Treatment of Carpal Tunnel

I started to experience carpal tunnel discomfort last summer. This became progressively worse and affected both of my hands. I found it difficult to hold a newspaper, drive, and especially sleep. I consulted a hand surgeon who suggested not having surgery until the condition became much worse. Finally this summer I was treated by Dr. Aboudib who used a painless electrical massage procedure and after only several twenty-minute treatments the condition was reduced by over 80%. I highly recommend this painless treatment. ~ Albert Svgec